Why Black-Painted Boosts?

Black boosts were the craze when it was first rumoured to be released. There was so much hype when the first Triple Blacks were released. Owing much to the hype, that’s probably why we’ve seen a few already being released this year, with more coloured boosts to come as the months roll by.

→ Unparalleled Beauty.

The colour black symbolizes darkness. But you’re not hiding anything wearing a Triple Black UB or Black-painted boosts. The colour shocks your brain. It’s not a camouflage. And you wouldn’t miss it even if you wanted to. Ultra Boosts with black midsoles? That’s always gonna be massive. And it’s a stark opposite to the standard white boost midsole.  But it is beautiful. The rest won’t beat the 1.0s. But black boosts? Don’t pass on it.

→  Cleanest sneaker you’ll ever own

Clean and sleek as hell. If the biggest worry for sneakerheads is having white sneakers, then having black sneakers will bring pretty much no worries at all. You’ll never have the problem of your boost midsoles yellowing or getting dirty. It’s just made for getting a beating out of your shoes and not worrying about stepping on mud or stressing out every time you take these pairs out. Mine are beaters. 5 months of heavy use even while working outdoors and they’re still looking pretty decent, braving through rain and mud without a single wash.

5 months unwashed

Clean as new!

5 minutes of brushing with a few squeezes of your desired sneaker cleaner product and it’s all good to go. Squeaky clean. Can’t say the same for the outsole though. It’s unpainted anyway.

My NMD’s with white boost midsoles?  Used 5 times and there are already signs of yellowing. There’s just so much more worrying with a white midsole. And more cleaning.

→ Painted to perfection

Now, these boosts are painted. Adidas still haven’t found a way to colour the entire material besides painting it since it might compromise the properties of the material, hindering the function and features that makes the Boost Technology the epitome of comfort. But compared to customs, these painted boosts straight from Adidas’ factory have been pretty resistant to wear and tear. Not a single part of the midsole has cracked or lost its colour from heavy use. They’ve remained intact and I find it remarkably enduring. Hats off to Adidas on this one. If you can’t make it perfect, at least make it great.

→  You just can’t hate it!

Black is the colour of choice. The easiest to pair it with your clothing. Immensely versatile and a holy-grail in the sneaker community. Any painted boost works quite the same. But surely nothing quite as beautiful and sleek as Blacked-out boost midsoles.

Cop yourself a pair and you’ll love it just as much as I do. For those already owning a pair, is it by far your best?

Feel free to drop your comments below.

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