A fresh NMD silhouette looms large for a release in 2018

Instagram photos have emerged of a never before seen sample NMD iteration. It has been dubbed the NMD TS1 Primeknit. While it retains familiar features of the NMD R1’s ankle collar and EVA plugs, the NMD R2’s suede heel counter and the regular NMD boost midsole, the similarities stop there. The most prominent feature to appear on this new silhouette is a velcro tongue flap … Continue reading A fresh NMD silhouette looms large for a release in 2018

Why Black-Painted Boosts?

Black boosts were the craze when it was first rumoured to be released. There was so much hype when the first Triple Blacks were released. Owing much to the hype, that’s probably why we’ve seen a few already being released this year, with more coloured boosts to come as the months roll by. → Unparalleled Beauty. The colour black symbolizes darkness. But you’re not hiding … Continue reading Why Black-Painted Boosts?

1/4 LTDs!

Leather Cage. Suede Heel Counter. Here comes the drop! Introducing the BA8924 and BB1092. The former, a black 3.0 colourway featuring a leather cage and an updated heel counter. The latter features both a leather cage and of course, THAT tan SUEDE heel counter. A first since the inception of the most hyped running shoe/lifestyle sneaker. We first saw a leather caged ultra boost on … Continue reading 1/4 LTDs!

Good & affordable Halal Steak.

The luminescent backdrop hangs over a busy street lined up with old colonial shophouses. Sandwiched, is a tale of the new. That is i12 Katong. A modern mall, one of the many constructed as the growth in malls islandwide rapidly fills every neighbourhood. But the beauty lies in the streets around it. Especially so in Katong. Cafes, bars and eateries are tucked neatly in these … Continue reading Good & affordable Halal Steak.