Two weeks on: YEEZYs

It’s been 2 weeks since I collected the YEEZYs fresh from the store. To put it bluntly, it was a surreal moment. If the Triple Black UltraBOOSTs were beautiful, these are just majestic. I truly fell in love the moment I slipped my feet into them.

The 2 weeks that followed were all about introducing these pair of art into the streets. Not before taking in their fresh smell at home, cradling them and showering them with some love. They were just immensely alluring. The cream whites resembled the pureness of pearls coupled with the elegance of adult swans. These are clean. These are fire. Having acquired the Triple black UltraBOOST, it just felt necessary to own a predominantly white shoe next. I thought of settling for a Triple white ultraBOOST 3.0 but I figured I should wait a little for the YEEZY Cream whites and try to win in the raffle. And what an opportunity it was to actually win it. It just felt truly gratifying.

I entered TWO raffles to stake my claim. One by Adidas(Clearly took an L. There’s just very little chance I’d win from here) and then there’s the Limited Edt raffle which was interesting to say the least.

Limited Edt decided to shake things up a bit in the scene and came up with a different way to release the YEEZYs. I entered Non-members Method 2 raffle.

With so much hype, the resales on YEEZYs have always been crazy with many hoping to score a pair and sell it off. LE’s method is debatable, but for people like me who simply wants to rock a pair instead of selling it off for a quick buck, it’s a massive opportunity.

Putting out my entry, I felt contented knowing that whatever I’ve written came straight from the heart and I left the rest with Limited Edt to decide. You can check out my entry on the site’s instagram @TheStandoutFeed.


True enough, I received an instaDM from Limited Edt a day later to inform me of my successful raffle, which was followed by a chemical blowout in my brain from the mini eruption of emotions. It was a crazy feeling. Certainly beats overnight queuing or simply purchasing way beyond retail prices from resellers. This was a win. No more taking to instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr to regulate my satiety. I finally managed to get my hands on Kanye’s much coveted sneakers at retail!

Thank you to the guys over at Limited Edt SG for choosing my entry among the many hopefuls. You have done fellow sneakerheads justice. Most creative raffle and a massive step into preserving the interest of sneakerheads at heart. I will remember this for a lifetime.

Note: I was too excited to record anything while making the purchase. I wanted to capture them cutting off the tags and the signing of the agreement, but in all honesty, all my thoughts were on having the YEEZYs in my hands.

You can call the YEEZYs overhype, trash or whatever. But you’d definitely not pass on the chance of getting them either if you actually won the raffle.

Alas, I can finally tell myself to take it a level down when it comes to my spending on sneakers.