1/4 LTDs!

Leather Cage. Suede Heel Counter. Here comes the drop!

Introducing the BA8924 and BB1092.

The former, a black 3.0 colourway featuring a leather cage and an updated heel counter.

The latter features both a leather cage and of course, THAT tan SUEDE heel counter. A first since the inception of the most hyped running shoe/lifestyle sneaker.

We first saw a leather caged ultra boost on the Highsnobiety x Adidas Ultra Boost, followed by the ‘Gold Medal’ iteration of the Olympic pack. Now it’s back with the Grey/Tan Suede BB1092.

LTD releases of the Ultra Boost are a sure fire. Especially with the sighting of a redesigned heel counter first and only seen on the Trace Cargo LTD. Until now…

With the BA8924, we’re finally seeing another one of those redesigned heel counter which pairs far better with the 3.0 knit pattern than the conventional support, cupping the rear end of the shoe.

With my personal obsession for the 1.0 knit pattern, I’ve not really gotten up the urge to cop the 2.0s and 3.0s. Being broke and a little bitter that I can’t cop doesn’t help either. Giving myself an excuse to not cop doesn’t stop my growing attraction to the 3.0 UBs.  Hoping Adidas will give us more of the redesigned heel counter on the 3.0s for future releases.

Who’s copping the Grey/Tan Suede tomorrow? I know I would. But I can’t. Meh.

Also check out my next post on the recent releases of THREE Triple Black Boosts! You just can’t hate black-painted boosts, can you?