Good & affordable Halal Steak.

The luminescent backdrop hangs over a busy street lined up with old colonial shophouses. Sandwiched, is a tale of the new. That is i12 Katong. A modern mall, one of the many constructed as the growth in malls islandwide rapidly fills every neighbourhood.

But the beauty lies in the streets around it. Especially so in Katong. Cafes, bars and eateries are tucked neatly in these shophouses that furnishes a different vibe. A certain feel that accentuates a calm and enriching dining experience without the rush that is often felt living in the fast paced lifestyle in Singapore. Quite similar to Bugis, but there’s something about Katong that presents a more rustic experience.

Along the streets of Joo Chiat, a shophouse fits snug, deeper from the streets but bright lights pour out from the glass doors. And you probably won’t miss the sign perched on the roof, ANDES by Astons.

The menu must be familiar to many. After all, it’s the halal version of ASTONS specialties. Offering a wide array of steak cuts, chicken, seafood and surely the major difference in the menu is the absence of pork. ASTONS specialties have been around for some time and Muslims drooling at a chance to try their food can finally be afforded the possibility with ANDES by Astons’ establishment.

If you wish to read no further, all there is left to say is the food truly DID NOT disappoint. They’ve stayed true to their philosophy that “it is possible to offer great food at great prices” and their insistence on “quality ingredients and generous portions“.

This speaking from someone who picked the cheapest steak on the menu.

Prime Sirloin accompanied by Onion Rings and Mac&Cheese

It was a measure of the restaurant’s true quality right when I was served a delightful medium-rare Prime Sirloin ($15.90) with sides of mac & cheese and onion rings. What’s interesting is that most of the main courses comes with 2 sides of your choice from a selection of 10 side dishes.

Usually, my steaks are served with a salad and mash or French fries. And as consumers, being afforded the freedom to choose everything on your plate, from the choice of cut of the meat, to the doneness, right up to the sides is amazing. It just means that before even having it arrive on my table, I can already anticipate the fulfillment I’ll get from the meal.

Obviously there are better places out there for your steak-fix, where the cuts are imported from Mars and the cattle fed with diamonds for all I know.

But these better ones, at least the ones that I’ve been served, tend to be rather expensive and lack the flexibility aside from the cut and doneness that I desire. if you’re just craving for some HALAL steak and you’re looking at something that won’t disappoint. This is the place.

Even the cheapest cut(Prime Sirloin) oozes quality. Order it in medium rare and this gentle steak will melt in your mouth and satisfy your meat cravings. Along with your desired sides, your meal will truly be complete.

It’s surely value-for-money. If you’re feeling a little bit more, get the Prime Ribeye Xtra cut for $19.90. Still won’t break your bank and you’d still enjoy it more than the steak Swensens are serving. If you’re feeling a little crazy, get the Wagyu Ribeye Grade 6. Now that’s premium quality with a price that will set you aside $42.90. Personally, I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m guessing it’s gonna be an explosive meal that oozes brilliance considering how good their cheapest cut already is.

That’s my take. But ANDES by ASTONS made my weekend. It was a great first experience and I’m converted into a loyal customer forever.

To love food isn’t difficult, but to truly appreciate how much it invigorates all of your senses is a form of art. Meat is king. So go get your royal meal out here and you’ll probably won’t have to scour the entire Singapore for some good Halal steak.