Tumultuous start to 2017

Many of us have had an indifferent start to 2017. Cant quite say the same for myself. For the first time since forever, a new year gave me a fresh breath of freedom.

Simply because I found myself in the unfamiliar position of being unemployed.

The joy though, was short lived and it brought along a steady decline financially AND mentally. As it is, companies and corporations won’t fall to your feet and beg you to work for them. You’ll be faced with rejection and you won’t even bother trying with the job requirements indicating: ‘Minimum 1 year experience’ (and there’s a whole lot of these)

Let’s face it, even our internships are six months at most. So, to hell with you lot.

Fast track to a month later, into the second month of 2017, I’m 3 weeks into an incredibly comfortable part-time job awaiting another Temporary Full-Time position that will serve me well financially for the next 3 months.

Certainly, it hasn’t been rosy. I’m turning 23 years old and I haven’t gotten my life together. The struggle is real. More so when bumping into familiar old friends or relatives faced with the all-time-conversation-starter: “So what are you doing now?”

But to be honest, people’s expectations of you shouldn’t hold much weight. It’s your own expectations that kinda stings you a little when you’re not on par.

Fact is, I am nowhere close to my dream of becoming an established writer. But I’m working towards it. (even if I have to work the odd job or settle for something else besides writing to sustain and survive without being a burden to my parents)

First, by accomplishing the smaller goals I’ve set for myself. One and most importantly being, establishing this very site that I hope to grow and consistently add content that piques my interests, with hope that I garner some readers along the way. I’ve pushed back writing consistently for as far back as 4 years ago and putting out a site right now already feels like a massive achievement. I guess that’s not too bad, no?


But for those experiencing a tumultuous start to 2017, one that is slightly more difficult than your previous years, one that is further clouded compared to the clear path you were more accustomed to back in school or while serving the nation, don’t fret.

Re-evaluate your options and ambitions

  • Set clear goals you want to accomplish. Success isn’t measured by the weight of people’s expectations. It’s measured by your goals and your desire to accomplish it.

Don’t weigh yourself down with sky high expectations

  • Don’t set yourself on achieving your dream right away. Take baby steps and achieve smaller successes to propel you further towards your main goal. An aspiring chef would have wanted to learn how to cook rice first before looking toward mastering a foreign cuisine right? Okay perhaps not the right analogy but you get my point.

Don’t let yourself be tied down to the fear of failure

  • You’re bound to fail, someway or another. You could even be failing all your life. But as cliche as it sounds, once you hit rock bottom, the only way is up!

But first, find yourself from within

  • Only you know yourself far better than anyone else. All of your mind, all of your soul, all of your feelings and emotions can be accessed by you and you alone. If you don’t know yourself better, then no one else can. Dig deep and find something you truly love. That would keep you happy. That will end up being your desired form of success.

Life is short (I know, another cliche)

  • Live it to the fullest. Don’t push the people around you away to reach the higher echelons of the greats. Take them with you in your journey and you will truly enjoy your success by sharing it with everyone you love. Positive vibes, truly essential. Strive for success, but feel good and be content. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it.

This is, as well, a note to myself.

It’s not a proven formula. But then again, there’s no true path to success or happiness. It’s all about staying resilient and motivated. For the most part, my journey has only just begun.

if you’ve gone through much of life and found your idea of success. Share it! We’d love to know!