The StandOut Of The Year: Adidas

Sneakerheads all over the world share the same passion, excitement and struggle, keeping up with the sneaker trend. It is a constant relentless pursuit to cop the best sneakers but the real beauty, is in the experience of having them on your feet for the first time. All the time spent checking up on releases, queueing for hours on end and simply spending a ton of money on these sneakers does take a toll. But with Adidas constantly dropping fire, everyone seems to have made a jump to be part of the hype by owning these pairs. The Ultra Boosts and NMDs are simply Adidas’ way of taking the piss on their competitors with their revolutionary vision, leading the way with BOOST technology’s inception. Let’s also not forget the hottest sneaker collab in recent years between Kanye West and Adidas Originals for the much coveted Yeezys.

I am truly grateful to have copped the NMD R1 Tech Earth and the stunning Triple Black UltraBoost LTD. And with the UltraBOOSTs, I never thought I’d be pulling off a pair of running shoes with street fashion. That’s a massive reflection of how far adidas have come towards releasing a shoe combined with excellent functionality and killer aesthetics to go with it. Personally, I’ve started to lean towards Adidas for my sneaker needs and I feel Nike has fallen behind a little bit.

Needless to say, Nike is still rolling out great sneakers for everyone. But Adidas are churning out only the best.

They have set the standard and things are only looking better for the world of sneakers. Now who’s excited for 2017?

Before that, here’s my take on the top 10 adidas releases of 2016. (Extremely difficult picks. But these are my favourites)