The StandOut retail experience: TRIPLE BLACK ULTRABOOST LTD

Adidas dropped the Triple Black UltraBOOST LTD in the shores of SG on the 30th November 2016.

For the first time ever, Adidas’ Boost technology featuring the famous ‘little pellet-like white balls fused to form the revolutionary midsole of the most comfortable running shoe in the world’ is painted in a Black finish that is so clean that you won’t even worry about getting these pricy sneakers dirty!

Customs of the BOOSTs midsoles in black were ever present with the Core Black UltraBOOSTs 2.0 and the OG 1.0 model to have that all black feel. Adidas have also released a black BOOST midsole with the Triple Black NMD iteration. But this is the first time Adidas rolled out these black midsoles themselves with the UltraBOOSTs.

And boy, it’s a beauty. Well, you guessed it. 99% of the shoe is BLACK. The upper, the cage, the laces, the tongue, the BOOSTs midsole, the heel counter, the innersole, the outsole. Everything, just everything, is black. The black on the upper really stands out. All deep and rich. Deeper than darkness itself. But rest assured, its beauty is unparalleled.

The thrill 

The turnout for the release was immense and I was possibly right smack towards the front of an intertwining queue!

Yeah I’m sure I would’ve avoided the hassle by consigning myself to wait for these pair to hit eBay or Singapore’s very own Carousell App and get them for way over retail price.

But, I just wanted to experience the thrill and rush of anxiety waiting in line with the rest of my fellow sneakerheads. And it was indeed, worth. every. single. second. (Including the leave I took from work)

Simply because I copped the cleanest sneaker I’d ever be able to lay my hands on 🙌🏼

You could imagine the hype and anticipation leading up to the official release, coupled with the uncertainty in recent months that it would not even be released as Adidas might want to shift their focus to the upcoming 3.0 releases instead. But they eventually decided to roll this out and it certainly is a welcome addition to the UltraBOOSTs lineup. Adidas decided to release these pair in the highly acclaimed 1.0 model which was massively exciting. Beauty is subjective, but personally, for me, I love the weave pattern of the 1.0 primeknit as opposed to the 2.0s which released with a bold gradient finish on the toebox. The 1.0s are more subtle, cleaner and simply sleek in the design. You just gotta see it to believe it!

The experience

Adidas made the experience a great one for me with their immaculate handling of the release (Just wished they hadn’t jacked up the retail price by a lot as compared to the US and Europe). The store opened at 10AM and we were brought into the store in batches and the build-up really got my heart racing. I got a queue ticket with the number “24” which made it easier for them to collate the sizes from those in line as well. When my turn came, it felt like it was the first time I ever stepped into an Adidas store. The vibe was different and the air was literally filled with a certain kind of excitement.

One by one the staff came to each of us asking for the queue ticket. A moment passes and suddenly the box with the coveted shoe appears and they unboxed it for me to check the product. It felt like a blur and I didn’t care to check for any defects. There won’t be any anyway with such a gem right before my very eyes! From there, I was zipped straight to the cashier for payment which was seamless. I think I spent a good 3-5 minutes only at the store and got out of there proudly with the Triple Black UltraBOOST LTD by 10.15am. Most definitely, the experience made it all the more sweeter once I had my hands on them. I sure know I earned it, camping out a good 10 hours outside the store.

But all in all, the triple blacks will always hold a special place in my heart(and feet) being the first pair of UltraBOOST I ever copped and the first pair I pursued relentlessly. And visually, nothing beats this pair, in my opinion. It’s the classic murder. And adidas killed it with this release!