This Is It: The StandOut Feed

Welcome to The Standout Feed!

It took a lot to conjure all the courage into setting up this site. But we’re here now! And ready to share it all in writing.

TheStandOutFeed is a collection of thoughts on varying topics of interest. Clearly, street fashion and shoes are favorites to feature, but we are writers after all. Expect some personal experiences and an insight into our individual struggles occasionally as we look to inspire others dealing with similar plights.

This site was build upon the inspiration of lifestyle magazines and blogging sites alike, but with the hope of more freedom and far less formal interaction with readers. The intention is to bring a personal feel to each content and allow others to relate to us as much as possible.

We are average people looking into the finer things in life, showcasing our passion in the form of writing and photographs. Expect bits and pieces of traveling and food adventures too as we look into redefining lifestyle in the average person, one post at a time!

We hope to reach the masses and potentially provide a platform for fellow writers as well to showcase their writing/poetry abilities on our site in the future.

Be part of our community and embark on a journey filled with good vibes and experience with us! Grow the crowd and StandOut.

Feel free to share your thoughts too and stay connected in the comments section! We’d love to hear from you!

After all, it’s not just a blogging site, it’s a journey.